Are elder law attorneys expensive?

Many senior lawyers charge by the hour, so you'll only have to pay for your time dealing with the specific issues that concern you. Others offer package deals. They will provide several services under the umbrella of a single fee. Planning for the future can be extremely difficult without the right information.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Simple situations can quickly turn into complicated and costly problems without good advice. That's where a lawyer specializing in elder law can help. Elder law is an area of practice dedicated to the needs of a particular type of client as opposed to a particular area of law.

You can also ask if the lawyer will charge you an hourly rate or a fixed rate. Depending on your need, it could be either. For example, if you only need an attorney to write a will on your behalf, you may be charged a flat fee. If you participate in the ongoing representation of a Medicare or Medicaid claim on your behalf, you may be billed for each hour you spend on your case.

Take lots of notesTo help you remember what each lawyer said and how you felt about them, be sure to take notes during and after each meeting. Secondly, even if the lawyer is not paid anything, answering a specific question could be considered creating an attorney-client relationship, which would make the lawyer responsible for providing accurate legal advice and would be subject to complaint if the advice proves to be incorrect. But even if you need an elderly care lawyer and your cousin worked with an excellent civil lawyer, that referral is still useful. If you contact an attorney who practices elder law, but most of your practice is made up of environmental litigation, you may want to reconsider your choice.

You may also need a lawyer who specializes in elder law to help transfer assets if you or your spouse moves to a nursing home to avoid spending your lifetime savings on long-term care. Many elder law attorneys specialize in estate planning and can help you navigate through the tax decisions and implications of managing and liquidating your estate. A lawyer specializing in elder law can explain these options to you so that you can have a plan for such an eventuality. Plan for the Future and Protect AssetsAn elder law attorney has the experience to make recommendations on how to plan for future care needs.

For example, it's important to have durable powers of attorney for financial and health needs in case you or your spouse are incapacitated. Frank Johns, certified elder law attorney and senior partner at Booth, Harrington %26 Johns of NC PLLC in Greensboro, North Carolina. The cost of hiring a lawyer specializing in elder law depends on the legal services needed, the city or region in which you live, and the lawyer's level of experience and education in elder law. Similarly, financial advisors, accountants, and trustees (someone legally appointed to manage money) are professionals who often work with senior lawyers.

The Elder Act addresses your finances and assets in a way that best provides for you and your family while you are alive. If you receive disability benefits before that age or become disabled once you reach full retirement age, an elder law attorney can help ensure that you receive the right amount of benefits based on your condition. .

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